College principal faces ice bucket challenge in aid of charity

College principal faces ice bucket challenge in aid of charity

8th September 2014


A COLLEGE principal faced the ice bucket challenge with stoic resolve yesterday to raise thousands of pounds for a charity and a hospital caring for one of her students.

Maura Regan, chief executive and principal of the Carmel Education Trust, was joined on the school fields by Darlington Council leader Bill Dixon for the teeth chattering trial.

Head girl Catherine Lavender and her deputy Bobby Humphrey, both 17, performed the honours pouring a five gallon bucket of ice cold water, complete with ice cubes, over their principal’s head.

Coun Dixon received a soaking courtesy of head boy Daniel Gibbs and deputy Emma Morrison, both 17.

Catherine said: “I was really nervous and didn’t want to be responsible for the principal developing hyperthermia. She did also caution me that it would be her who would eventually write my references.”

Proceeds totalling £2,000 will be divided between the town’s food bank and the RVI in Newcastle where staff are currently caring for Year 10 student Joe Mercer, 14, of Darlington, who was suddenly taken ill with a serious illness.

Miss Regan and Coun Dixon were nominated by Cyndi Hughes, chairman of the college’s Directors and the council’s lead member for children and young people.
Coun Dixon said: “I would like to thank Cyndi for nominating me – but I do feel there could be a cabinet reshuffle in the air!

“I would like to nominate our MP Jenny Chapman to endure the ice bucket challenge.”

Miss Regan said: “This is one of those occasions where you feel compelled to take part in such a challenge – it will be the only ice bucket challenge to be held in the school  – and as chairman of the Catholic Schools Partnership I will be nominating all the Heads to have a go.”

Miss Regan told students that this was the one and only occasion when they could take their mobile phones out to video and all students were eager to oblige.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Joseph and his parents Les and Joanne and it is only right that we do this to support the excellent staff at the RVI in their work and care.”

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