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I have commissioned French and Lamming to deliver a range of products in both NHS and Local Authority sectors.

Why French & Lamming?

Experience of French and Lamming commenced with Durham Dales Primary Care Group, then NHS Trust, then Darlington Primary Care Trust, and latterly, in the Local Authority.  They brought a professional approach and expertise, balanced with being focussed on what we, the customers required.

Their expertise went beyond corporate communication design and messaging, the NHS Trusts benefitted from their experience and confidence across all forms of media.

A significant area of competence is French & Lammings ability to manage complex, multi-layered messages and designing communications to deliver clear, unambiguous messages.

Supporting corporate communication was an NHS Board level area of activity; French & Lamming demonstrated a high level of political awareness and skills in working with, influencing and supporting Executive Directors of the NHS Trusts.

They have energy, are conscientious, deliver to timescales and bring clarity of thought and approach to complex, sensitive issues.

Miriam Davidson
Director of Public Health
Darlington Borough Council

- Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield Clinical Commissioning Group