Pupils go to extreme lengths for cancer care

Pupils go to extreme lengths for cancer care

25th June 2018


A TRIO of teenagers have gone to extreme lengths to help support local cancer care charities.

Twins Charlotte and Harriet Sherwood and best friend Katie Allinson have lopped off their long locks to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Action and The Little Princess Trust.

The girls, all Year 7 students at Northallerton School and Sixth Form College, had a combined total of 25 inches cut off their hair at Hair Secrets, Northallerton.

Charlotte, 12, of Northallerton said: “My mum was treated for breast cancer eight years ago and since then we have done a number of fundraising events as a family including bag packing, clothes sales and charity bike rides.

“Katie is a close family friend and always helps us with our fundraising and she suggested that we each cut off our hair to donate it to The Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children who have lost theirs, and also raise sponsorship money for our own cancer charity.”

Through sponsorship from school friends, family, local business and parents, the girls raised in excess of £800 for the deserving causes.

Katie 12, of Northallerton, said: “We were all known for our very long hair and our friends were really surprised when we said we were going to cut it all off.

“But as soon as they saw our new shorter hair everyone said that we really suited it and it made us look much more mature.

“I’ve suggested that once it’s all grown back in about two years we do the same again to help raise even more money for the charities in the future.”

Harriet, 12 of Northallerton, added: “I was really nervous when I went to the hairdressers as I’ve always had long hair.

“We got to cut each others hair before the hairdresser tidied it up and I was really surprised to see how much we all had cut off between us.

“It’s great to be able to raise so much money and help so many other families who have also been touched by cancer.”

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