Privacy and Data Management Policy

This policy is issued by French & Lamming Media Ltd on behalf of itself and any associates engaged on our behalf. It outlines the use of personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

A This Policy
B Collection of Data
C Creation of Data
D Categories of Personal Data we may Process
E Lawful basis for processing personal data
F Sensitive Personal Data
G Purposes for collecting, processing and storing data
H Disclosure of Personal Data to third parties
I Data security J Data accuracy K Data retention
L Staff and Associates M Contact information

A This policy

This policy explains what data we hold, why we hold it, what we do with it, where it is held and how we protect and keep your data secure. This policy is kept under review and may be amended or updated at any time.

We take the protection of personal data and the privacy of those with whom we come into contact very seriously. We never misuse or sell personal data or pass it on to anyone else without their consent. 

B Collection of Data

Professional data

The professional data we hold is collected during the course of our business as public relations and media consultants and is retained in order to carry out legitimate business. 

Personal data

When we refer to personal data, we mean any information which relates to an identified or identifiable individual, for example their name, marital status, age, where they live and their place of work or school. 

We are not a marketing company and we do not do direct marketing, therefore we do not collect personal data as a matter of course in our business. However, from time to time we do receive personal data from the following sources:

  • Personal data provided to us by individuals in order that we can contact them via their preferred method;
  • Personal data provided to us by a third party, for example during the course of acting as a client’s agent;
  • Personal data provided to us by an individual contacting us via our website or email address;
  • Personal data that is made public via social media, including views and opinions that an individual chooses to send to us or post publicly on social media platforms.

Data via a third party

On occasions we receive data via a third party, for example, photographs taken by a third party that are relevant to work commissioned by a client and supplied to us. This data may be stored for legitimate business interests. We retain this data in accordance with this policy, however, the third party can request for it to be destroyed after it has been used for the purpose for which its sharing was intended.

C Creation of Data

As media consultant working on behalf of clients, much of our work centres on creating photographs and stories for the purpose of public relations. This work is carried out under the full supervision of the client. In the case of schools, the taking of images and video and collection of personal data (name, age etc) of students is done only when permission has been given by students’ parents/guardians in accordance with our client’s safeguarding policy. Similarly, any employee, customer or associate of our clients must consent to any photograph being taken or data collected. Where this material is created by one of our approved Associates, we expect them to operate in accordance with this policy.

D Categories of Personal Data we may Process

The personal data listed below is only retained as per paragraph C (creation of data) in the production of PR material. This may include:

  • Personal details: given name(s); preferred name;
  • Demographic information: gender; date of birth/age; nationality; salutation; job title/industry.
  • Contact details (email address, telephone number);
  • Photograph or video image, if appropriate.

We do not collect home addresses or personal contact details unless these are provided as in paragraph B (personal data) above.

E Lawful basis for Processing Personal Data 

All imagery and data is retained and managed by us for legitimate business interests and is used only for the express purpose for which it was originated – for example, for press coverage, school publications or website content. It is not reused later unless requested by the client who has commissioned the work. 

F Sensitive Personal Data

We do not seek to collect, retain or otherwise process sensitive personal data. 

G Purposes for collecting, processing and storing data

Client data
French & Lamming Media Ltd acts as Data Processor on behalf of our clients.

All the data we hold on clients is professional data related only to their place of work and professional capacity. Where an individual interacts with us in their capacity as an employee, the contact information of their employer (including name, address, telephone number and email address) is retained to the extent that it is relevant to our normal business operations. Any requests regarding data are handled accordance with our and our clients’ and Privacy Policies.

Media data

In order to operate our business and to carry out legitimate business on behalf of our clients, we collect the professional contact information of journalists. We use this to provide them with relevant, useful and appropriate information, including press releases and photographs, or to respond to their requests. In these circumstances, French & Lamming Media Ltd acts as Data Controller.

We only retain the professional contact details of journalists, data that is readily available on company websites. We do not use personal contact details without consent and only contact journalists in their professional role for their employer. We do not send irrelevant content to large numbers of recipients and use a small and selective approach in contacting only those recipients to whom the content we supply is relevant.

We do not contact freelance journalists. We subscribe to Cision (formerly Gorkana) which supplies us with a media database. Further information on their GDPR-related policies can be found at

We inform our media contacts how to unsubscribe from our material and respond swiftly and effectively to requests by journalists to amend or delete details. We regularly refine our contacts and store both consents and opt out requests.

Professional data held on behalf of our client, Marie Collins Foundation

We hold one database for MCF, comprising their customer and contacts’ professional data. We act as Data Processor on behalf of MCF. This database may be used for informing contacts of events, engaging with them for the purposes of obtaining their involvement in surveys and for informing them of relevant news. Consent has been obtained for all individuals on this database and all contacts on this database have been informed that they can opt out at any time. This database is held securely by our Data Protection Manager and in accordance with Marie Collins Foundation’s own Privacy Policy.

Further to the explanation of Personal Data above, the data we hold for MCF customers and clients includes their place or work and contact details and may include their disability/access information and dietary preferences in accordance with their contact as conference delegates.

On any occasions where we receive requests regarding data, these are handled accordance with our and MCF’s Privacy Policies.

H Disclosure of Personal Data to Third parties

We do not disclose any personal data to third parties other than to serve the legitimate business purpose for which the data was collected, ie for a press release.

I Data Security
We implement appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect the data we hold and review this regularly. Data is hosted in the UK on secure servers. Access to data is limited via password-protected devices. Our files are backed up on password-protected Cloud Storage from Team Knowhow, a service provided by Livedrive Internet Limited on behalf of DSG Retail Limited. 

Because the internet is an open system, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we implement all reasonable measures to protect personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted to us using the internet. We undertake to report any breach of our security to the individual concerned and to a data protection supervisory authority within 72 hours.

J Data accuracy
Data accuracy and security is important to us. We take every reasonable step to ensure that the data we hold is kept accurate and up-to-date and is erased or rectified if we become aware of inaccuracies. We encourage all contacts to inform us of any changes so that we may update, correct or delete data accordingly.

K Data retention
We do not retain data unnecessarily. However, all material generated on behalf of clients is archived in case it is required in the future, for example for end-of-year presentations, school yearbooks or where a retrospective is relevant to the present. Any data can be deleted upon request. Our legitimate interest is not overridden by the interests, fundamental rights or freedoms of individuals who have right of access to it and can ask for its removal at any time.

L Staff and Associates
Our staff and associates have been briefed on GDPR and have a copy of our Privacy Policy. We expect them to adhere to the terms of the policy at all times.

M Contact Information

Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted at any time regarding our privacy and data protection procedures.


Tel: 07887 525192

Our postal address is:
8 The Chase
Bowland Bridge
LA11 6NN

If you wish to be taken off our contact list or if you have any comments, questions or concerns about any of the information in this policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer. If you have any complaint about the way in which your personal data has been dealt with, please contact the Data Protection Officer who will investigate and respond to you as soon as possible. You can also contact the Information Commissioners Office on 0303 123 1113 or via email or at the Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AF.

Created May 2018.


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