What We Do

What We Do

Public Relations

We work with clients to identify their media coverage needs and help them to raise the profile of their organisation, its staff/members, products and services.

As professionally trained and qualified journalists with many years' experience, we understand what appeals to the media and can identify opportunities on behalf of our client organisations to maximise coverage.

Press office services

We can provide a 24-hours a day, seven days a week media liaison service.

We monitor and collate media coverage and supply this to our clients, together with an analysis of the Advertising Valuation Equivalent of coverage achieved.

We manage media interviews, press conferences and photo calls.

Digital photography and video/DVD production

High quality, digital photography is provided to all clients using our public relations service. We always aim to provide attention-grabbing photographs, interesting sound effects for radio or an item with strong visual impact for television.

We also provide a photography service on an ad hoc basis for a range of occasions.

Photography can be used copyright-free in marketing material, on websites and for other internal and external purposes.

We provide filming and editing services, producing a range of DVDs including music, motoring, corporate and podcasts.

Crisis Management

Organisations occasionally can face negative publicity. Effective management of "bad press" can stop a drama developing into a crisis.

We have broad experience of managing such incidents - whatever the circumstances we aim to limit any damage by managing the affair effectively and professionally.

Professional copy writing

Our copy writing service provides for a range of print and electronic material including:

  • Magazines
  • Marketing material
  • Policy documents
  • PR and media strategies
  • Annual Reports
  • Websites.

We can also manage the design, production and distribution of any material by working with experienced, professional partners on joint projects.

Media Training

Senior managers may, on occasion, need to be in front of the media for interview. We provide professional instruction in how best to handle a variety of publicity situations to portray the organisation in the best possible way and to give the interviewee the confidence to shine even in the most hostile environment.

Staff may also need training in how to be more media aware, including how to identify potential stories and opportunities for raising your profile. Our hands-on, bespoke training seminars include educating delegates in how the media works and interview techniques for the press, television and radio.


French and Lamming Media produced an outstanding piece of work and we are very happy with the final product - Head of Sixth Form, The King’s Academy


My heartfelt thanks for what is an absolutely superb piece of work, with exactly the right tone for our school – Principal, The King’s Academy


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