Making a big splash for charity

Making a big splash for charity

31st July 2013


FUNDRAISING started with a splash as students from a North East school dived into a charitable African adventure.

Twenty one children from Darlington School of Mathematics and Science rose to the challenge of swimming a mile each in order to raise funds for a once in a life time trip to Nakuru, three hours North West of Nairobi, Kenya.

Chosen through a rigorous interview programme, the 11 to 16-year-olds have already raised more than £6,000, which is well on the way to the £35,000 target for June 2014.

During their ten day trip to Nakuru County, staff and students will be working on various construction projects, such as the renovation of a school, coaching sports activities, teaching young people and helping the local underprivileged community.

Teacher Natalie Bane said: “Not only is the project contributing to the lives of others less fortunate, but it is producing a real sense of team work within the whole school.

“Even the students who won’t be going to Africa next year are still enthusiastically taking part in the fundraising events.

“One of the biggest benefits from this project already is the school working together as a team to fundraise for this opportunity of a life time.”

The academy began fundraising in earnest this year and has staged a host of events including race nights, bag packs and quizzes.

Students took advantage of the newly renovated pool to raise more by swimming 70 lengths each.

Head teacher Calvin Kipling added: “The adventure fulfils an aim of DSMS to expose students to life-changing experiences and the whole school has risen well to the challenge of making this trip happen.”

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