Darlington architects to sponsor global conference

Darlington architects to sponsor global conference

3rd September 2013


ARCHITECTS working at the cutting edge of new technology are to sponsor a global conference on an issue that is transforming their profession.

North-East based Niven Architects have been working with the Teesside University Knowledge Transfer Programme on BIM – Building Information Modelling.

BIM provides a single set of three dimensional plans for building schemes of all sizes. It offers one point of reference containing vital information for the many contractors working on a scheme, ranging from wall sockets to wiring ducts, drainage, materials and dimensions.

The BIM model sits in the cloud and is accessible via the internet replacing conventional plans and computer aided design.

Because the model contains all relevant details on the scheme it allows for more accurate costs, helps with ordering materials and results in less waste.

Director of Niven Architects Simon Crowe said: “We recognised the value of BIM very early in its development and have been working with Teesside University allowing us to become one of the leading exponents nationally.

“The technology conference takes place annually all over the world and will be hosted in London this October. We feel immensely privileged to be invited to take part and sponsor an event which shows how architecture has advanced is in this country.”

BIM takes a ‘cradle to the grave’ approach to construction and allows every part needed in a building project to be electronically tagged allowing for more efficient maintenance as it makes future repairs and replacement much easier.

“It also allows for future development as the model shows exactly where the main services are, such as steelwork, cables and pipes,” said Simon, who runs the 17-staff practice in Darlington.

“In effect, nothing is hidden behind walls and floors and you don’t have to tear buildings apart just to see where things are. Working with Teesside University we have prepared several papers for the conference and are really looking forward to networking with global experts in the field.”

Niven Architects continue to go from strength to strength winning contracts all over the country and fast building a strong reputation in the schools and colleges sector.

It is currently working on a £33m academies programme in Yorkshire, is the designated architect for a huge shops and cinema scheme in Darlington and is at the heart of plans for the rapid expansion of Middlesbrough College’s sixth form.

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