Artists get into the 'Zine'

Artists get into the 'Zine'

30th September 2013


BUDDING artists are being urged to get into the club ‘zine’ by promoting their work in an underground journal.

For the second year running Cleveland College of Art & Design is offering its students the chance to write, draw or photograph their passions through an after hours ‘Clubzine’ run by college lecturer and designer Claire Baker.

“Clubzine offers young designers the opportunity to let their creativity flow by making their own individual publications,” said Claire.

“Fanzines originated in the early 70s during the punk era and were mass produced underground fanzines, sometimes illegal, which were circulated all over the world.

“Today they are much more generic and can be about anything from toasters, food, or a favourite television show to second hand stores, architecture or war - you name it.

“There are personal zines, music zines, and sport zines; zines about politics, pop culture and art.”

Clubzine students at the Hartlepool campus will also receive expert tuition from former CCAD graduate and established graphic designer Niall Kitching, who shares a keen interest in street art and graffiti and an extensive knowledge of the music scene, as well as hearing speakers from local art institutes including MIMA in Middlesbrough.

“The best thing about Clubzine is that it is great fun,” said Claire.

“It gives students from all courses across the college a chance to make new friends as well as learn new techniques, such as screen printing, typography, digital imaging, hand rendering and computer based Photoshop illustrations, all to industry standard.

“Many of our students last year used their zine as a platform for their own CVs, to publicise their work to potential employers and even in their final major projects.

“And for the first time this year we are inviting former alumni of the college to come back to join this year’s Clubzine.”

The first club night will start on Tuesday, October 1, then every Tuesday evening during term, from 6pm - 9pm, in the college’s Municipal Building, Hartlepool.

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