Students learn traditional Swahili songs with African choir

Students learn traditional Swahili songs with African choir

8th October 2013


STUDENTS from across the globe united in a love of music and dance as an African fundraising tour descended on a North-East college.

The celebrated Pearl of Africa Choir entertained young and old with a series of concerts at Carmel College, Darlington, which saw local students learning traditional dance and Swahili songs.

The Ugandan singers and dancers began the day with a rousing concert for students and staff before staging workshops for Years 10 and 11, where they were shown how to play the drums and sing in Swahili.

Then in the evening the college opened its doors to the public for a night of entertainment involving the talents of English students and the African musicians.

The East African choir has just begun a three month UK tour designed to raise awareness of the charity and invaluable fund for a host of work ranging from healthcare to education.

Charitable donations support 2,500 children in seven schools, many of who are orphans.

Music teacher Emma Anyan said: “The concerts were truly wonderful and made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Being party to the workshops was also a real privilege to witness how quickly our students interacted with the African choristers around a common love of music. The sessions were so incredibly spontaneous that it was very moving to watch.”

Student Ellen Walker, 15, added: “They have been absolutely amazing and I loved every minute of being with the choir. I wish they could come into college every week because we had such a great time with them.”

The choir will next travel to Scarborough in North Yorkshire, the North West, Shropshire and Cornwall before returning home in December. At each venue the members stay with host families adding further impact to the trip.

Donations are supplemented by the sale of crafts and musical instruments at each venue.

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