Staff and students get put in the picture

Staff and students get put in the picture

14th October 2013


CAMERAS were turned on a whole school when nearly 1,500 staff and students came together for a memorable photograph.

It was only the second time in its history that everyone at Trinity Academy, Thorne, had been photographed together.

It took three hours to set up staging for the event and for all 1,240 students and 200 teachers and support staff to get into position before four frames could be taken by Tempest Photography.

Sixth formers were the first to climb up to their places in the centre of the photograph, followed by the other year groups and staff, with the youngest children in year 7 at the front to complete the picture.

Principal Ian Brew said: "It's an exciting occasion to have everyone together, although it is no easy feat. We had to postpone the picture last term because of high winds on the original date we had planned, so we were pleased that it could go ahead second time around.

"The students behaved very well, especially those who had to wait in position the longest while everyone else gathered. We hope that when they get a copy they will treasure it and remember their academy days with fondness in years to come."

The wide angle single picture was taken on Kodak film at shutter speed 1/60th of a second at F16 on a Japanese Toyo camera.

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