Local MP gives insight to pupils on topical government issues

Local MP gives insight to pupils on topical government issues

6th May 2014


PARLIAMENTARY question time came closer to home when a town’s MP was quizzed by local school children.

Year 7 and 8 students at Darlington School of Mathematics and Science questioned Jenny Chapman on a range of issues, from the Ukraine crisis to how much she was paid.

Head teacher Calvin Kipling has been working with the classes on how the Government works in the UK including the Houses of Commons and Lords and the Monarchy.

Mrs Chapman told them how she had decided to stand for the Darlington seat after being a borough councillor.

“I would not have gone for any other seat; it was here or nowhere,” she said. “The job is really good as you get to do all sorts of things. It is never boring and no two days are the same. It is a really good job to have.”

She said she felt particularly pleased with the campaign she was part of to save 400 jobs in the town.

“The Government was planning to move Mowden Hall out of the town but we persuade them not to,” she said. “Now they are building new offices behind the Town Hall and that means well paid jobs will remain in Darlington and they will spend money here and help our prosperity.”

She said the students had asked some great questions which were relevant and showed a good grasp of world affairs.

Mr Kipling added: “These groups are extremely bright and interested in the world around them including the national and world stages.

“I was really impressed with the quality of their questioning and the way they conducted themselves in such esteemed company.”

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