New car dealership guider gives girls more drive

New car dealership guider gives girls more drive

6th May 2014


AN automotive administrator is getting the guiding movement into gear after being appointed as district commissioner.

Warranty administrator for Darlington Vauxhall dealer Sherwoods Joanne Lazenby has taken on the role of district commissioner for Sedgefield Guiding.

Joanne, 43, who has been involved in guiding since the late 1970s, will be responsible for over 180 girls, aged from five to 16, in Rainbow, Brownie and Guiding units across the Sedgefield district.

“Guiding gave me incredible opportunities as a young girl,” said Joanne, of Darlington.

“I got involved in so many activities, from climbing to cooking, outdoor adventures and overseas travel and also gained a great sense of independence.

“It’s so good to be able to offer the same opportunities and much more to young girls now in my new role as district commissioner.”

Despite a change in uniform, swapping their toggles and woggles for a more modern practical look, the fundamental principals of guiding have remained the same for over 100 years offering learning opportunities, fun and friendship and being a part of a worldwide movement.

“There is so much available to young girls now within guiding,” said Joanne.

“We still do the traditional badges but there are a lot more technology based challenges on offer as well as more daring sporting activities and global expeditions.

“It’s not just about cooking and sewing anymore even though that is still a big part of what a lot of the girls choose to do.”

Joanne’s experience gained from guiding has also proved central to her day job at Sherwoods.

“I’m able to bring the practical, organisational and team working skills that I use all the time in guiding to my job, as well as all of the charity and fundraising events that Sherwoods hosts for local and national good causes,” added Joanne.

“I also get a lot of support from my managing director Alasdair MacConachie with regard to letting me use work facilities to prepare materials for unit meetings and with time management issues to allow me to attend meetings in my new role.”

For information on how to get involved in guiding visit or call 0800 1695901.

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