Film students shoot armed police training video

Film students shoot armed police training video

12th May 2014


BUDDING filmmakers have success in their sights after helping promote one of the best police firearms training units in the country.

Cleveland College of Art and Design students joined forces with North-East firearms experts to make a series of videos to promote officers’ skills across the world.

The Tactical Training Centre was set up in a purpose-built facility at Urlay Nook, near Yarm, in 2001, a joint venture between Durham and Cleveland Police.

Fourteen highly experienced staff help train police officers from around the world using state of the art facilities including an abseil tower, indoor ranges and sophisticated interactive judgemental video unit.

Director of training Insp Andy McGregor-Taylor approached CCAD to help with its global marketing, a project aimed at boosting links with the community.

A film crew spent three days at the centre meeting staff, planning the videos and shooting the footage with police personnel in a variety of scenarios, from robberies to hostage situations.

The centre boasts the only hi-tech 100m high velocity range in Europe with static, moving, conventional and projected targets, with which officers can be trained in a host of scenarios, complete with sound effects.

A 30m range allows for the construction of a variety of buildings, such as shops, theatres and nightclubs as well as projected scenes.

A judgemental training room offers a unique experience using HD imaging, laser firing systems and interactive role play.

Students on the Fda/BA moving image production course included James Bushnall, 19, of Hartlepool, Kyle Dollard, 21, of Stockton, Jodie-Leigh Green, 19, of Middlesbrough and Tim Hodgson, 20, of Hartlepool. They were supported by CCAD technical demonstrator Lee Charnley.

Business development manager for the Tactical Training Centre Michaela Bourke said: “It costs around £2m to run the centre and to offset the cost we train police from around the world. The videos will be a great at showing it off at its best.”

Insp McGregor-Taylor added: “We needed an up to date dynamic video and also wanted to offer local students the opportunity to become involved in a genuine project.

“We showed them the facility and listed the areas we wanted highlighting and they did the rest. They have been incredibly enthusiastic, very professional and great to work with.”

James said: “I had no idea about the sort of training carried out at the centre and was amazed at what the police are asked to do to keep us safe.

“Being a firearms officer is an incredible responsibility and it has been a fantastic experience working with them.”

Tutor Di Fletcher said: “There is no substitute for a live brief with a real client, pressures and deadlines.

“We try to open up as many experiences as possible to students but the police video truly was an exceptional opportunity and has had a massive impact on those involved. It will be an invaluable addition to their portfolios and, I’m sure, will inspire them for years to come.”

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