Pupils exam art goes on public display

Pupils exam art goes on public display

8th July 2014


ART students will be displaying their talent at an exhibition of their GCSE and A level work this Friday. [June 11]

Students studying fine art at Bede Academy, in Blyth, are inviting families, friends and residents to the show from 4.30pm-6.30pm.

Their work is based upon independent visual studies into themes such as natural form and image and identity.

The students took part in skills-based workshops to broaden their understanding in a wide range of media and techniques including monoprinting, linocut printing, ceramics, digital manipulation of images, batik, textiles, wire sculpture and drawings, and mixed media, which they used in their final pieces. 

Head of Art Paul Birdsall said the exhibition also included further work produced by students and presented in personalised sketchbooks in response to externally set tasks covering a diverse range of themes and topics.

The exhibition takes place at Trinity House, the Sixth Form Centre within Bede Academy’s grounds at Sixth Avenue, Blyth.



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