Teacher turned author writes her latest book

Teacher turned author writes her latest book

3rd May 2016


A FORMER teacher has returned to her old school to help the students who inspired her to write her latest book.

Ex-Richmond School and Sixth Form College teacher Nicky Hansell is helping bring philosophy to life with a new book that pits Aristotle against Nietzsche.

The author was renowned as a story-teller in class, a technique she used to help students remember philosophical arguments.

Now she has put her teaching practice to good effect, inspired by Richmond School and Sixth Form College students, by writing a book that tackles complex philosophical theories, setting them in a more readable context.

She left the school in 2011to look after her elderly mother and husband who are both in ill-health and has spent the past four years working on the book.

A former religious studies teacher, Nicky brought the first copies off the press to Richmond School and Sixth Form College to give students a sneak preview of an enjoyable study aid.

The Sage Train, due to be published on April 28, brings together history’s greatest minds in the after-life.

“I wanted the philosophers dead so I could play around with them,” said Nicky, of Leyburn. “It’s a romp around a philosophical landscape with the older, wiser sages, like Aristotle, sorting out the likes of Nietzsche, who is a snivelling creature who hates everyone.

“It should be a good revision tool because students will be reading a book that they will remember. When I taught at Richmond I used to tell students stories because that is the best way to remember. This book is also about teaching people to appreciate what makes a good life and it is educational as well as fun.”

Richmond School and Sixth Form College’s head of humanities Margaret Gibson said: “The book is really clever in being a textbook for A level philosophy and ethics students set in the context of a story.

“It is supported by web notes and is a great way for them to access abstract challenging concepts, where key quotes are woven into a fun story.

“It’s great to see Nicky come full circle, that her teaching here has inspired her to write such a fabulous book, which, in turn, will help them so much with their studies.”

The book is available through Castle Hill Bookshop in Richmond or by visiting www.thesagetrain.co.uk.

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