Student wins award for animal tales

Student wins award for animal tales

4th May 2016


A BUDDING writer has won a prize for her musings on the good and gracious inspired by her family’s animals.

Sarah Patchett, a student at The Wensleydale School & Sixth Form College, decided that good exists without God after watching her border collie dog protect the chickens.

Writers were asked to explore in 500 words the concept of ‘Can You Be Good Without God’ in a religious studies competition organised by North Yorkshire County Council.

Sarah, 11, of Masham, took the runner’s up award by turning her attention to her animals.

“One of our dogs doesn’t like the chicken but another protects them from him,” the Year 7 student said.

“It is normal for a hen to protect her chicks but not another animal, which to me shows true kindness. Animals have never been taught about God yet they show reliability and loyalty – so there must be good in the world without God.”

Sarah, who would like to be a farmer or vet one day, won £50 for her humanist essay but now has another role to perform on the farm.

“Sadly my dog died so it’s now down to me to guard the chickens,” she said.

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